Into the Streets

This video, called “Into the Streets,” provides a captivating summary of the People’s Climate March and Flood Wall Street in New York City. There are many other videos that capture the feeling of the weekend of September 21st, but this one does a particularly good job. It provides footage of the artwork that was created for the march, the march itself, and Flood Wall Street, which was a protest that occurred the day after the march, on September 22nd. During Flood Wall Street, 3,000 people descended into the financial capital of the world to show that Wall Street is funding the fossil fuel companies, and therefore is funding climate change. 100 people participated in a sit-in and got arrested, including someone in a polar bear suit. (Although some believe the polar bear has become an overused symbol of climate change, I think this particular use was quite clever.)

It was a powerful weekend, with more than 2,000 mobilizations across the world. This video provides a sense of the people who made this weekend possible, the people of the climate movement.


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