Blessed Rainy Day


My apologies for not posting yesterday – but happy belated Blessed Rainy Day! Blessed Rainy Day is a Bhutanese holiday that occurs on September 22nd. It marks the end of the monsoon and is an auspicious day to bathe, shower, and generally dance in the rain.

We’ve honestly heard so many variations about what Blessed Rainy Day actually is. Many people say that it is the last day of the monsoon – no more rain after that. But others say that it’s just when the monsoon tapers off, and that there are probably two more weeks of rain to follow.

And aside from, but still related to the monsoon, Blessed Rainy Day is an auspicious day to enjoy water by bathing and being in the rain. Water on this day can “absolve” you of your sins, diseases, bad omens, etc. It purifies you and makes the world clean.


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