The Hike to Tharpaling Monastery

On Sunday, October 4th most of us went on a hike to Tharpaling Monastery, which is on the ridge right behind the UWICE campus. It was a beautiful day for it – not too hot and not raining. We climbed straight up the mountain for about 2.5-3 hours (depending on how fast your particular group walked, as we were all spread out), through many vegetation zones, including rhododendron and dwarf bamboo. Eventually we reached the ridge, which was covered in prayer flags. Some people climbed up to the real peak, which was fairly close to the ridge, but a steep climb, some went downhill to a statue of Buddha, and others climbed down the other side of the ridge to the monastery itself.

On the ridge, we ate our snacks of Thai tomato/potato chips, Cadbury chocolate, and an apple with a view of two valleys, Jakar and Chummey. Everyone agreed that the view made the hike well worth it.

From Thursday to Sunday of this week we will all be going on a trek through the cultural sites of Bumthang. Everyone is very excited about it, and there are sure to be lots of campfires, 10-mile hikes, layers of clothing, and card games at night. But for now, enjoy the photos from our hike yesterday!








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