Bumthang → Punakha → Gasa

Yesterday we drove for 12 hours on the bumpy roads of central Bhutan to get from Bumthang to Punakha, which is farther west than our field station and closer to Thimphu. We’ll be here for about two weeks, during which time we will finish classes and take our final exams. We’re in Punakha for a change of scenery, to enjoy being in a different ecosystem (4,000 feet instead of 10,000), and to escape the Bumthang cold for a little while.

But… before we really settle into Punakha, we are going camping for two days (starting tomorrow) in Gasa, which is just north of Punakha. We’re hoping to see lots of snow-capped peaks and yaks while we’re there. Where we’re staying (and almost the entire district) is located inside Jigme Dorji National Park, which we had a lecture on today. Jigme Dorji is the only place on earth where tiger and snow leopard ranges overlap, and the two big cats peacefully coexist. How incredible…

I won’t be able to post for several days, but when I’m back, look forward to pictures of steamy Punakha and frigid Gasa!


2 thoughts on “Bumthang → Punakha → Gasa

  1. Land of the snow leopard and tiger coexisting peacefully. What a rich and beautiful place of wonders you’re in, Julia. Enjoy the “respite” of camping and good luck with studies for exams. Looking forward to more amazing photos.

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