Wrapping up in Bumthang

Not much posting because we’re in the middle of DR write-up, and everyone is going crazy! We’ve had three days to analyze our data and prepare for individual presentations and start writing our final papers. Tomorrow morning we will all present our findings, and papers are due on Monday. On Tuesday we are having a large “Bumthang Symposium,” to which we are inviting UWICE researchers, our translators and research assistants, and any friends and acquaintances who are in the area.

It is quite an intense time, also because we’re leaving our field station at UWICE, which has been home for three months, for good next Thursday.

That day we drive to Phobjikha, where we are hoping to see the black-necked cranes that are migrating at this time of year from Tibet. We stay there for two nights in farmhouses and then travel to Thimphu on December 12th – my birthday! Two fantastic birthday presents – hopefully seeing the cranes, and then being in Thimphu again.

I wanted to conclude this post with two photographs I took this morning of the snow-covered peaks we can now see from UWICE, but unfortunately the internet is not cooperating enough to let me upload them. I’ll post them when I can, though! It’s startling beautiful.

But here is a photo, unfortunately not taken by me, of black-necked cranes.


Dubi Shapiro


3 thoughts on “Wrapping up in Bumthang

  1. Hi Julia, what a long and joyous adventure it has been! Your posts have been wonderful. They make us feel like we are almost there. Enjoy your final days. I imagine there will be much laughter, many tears and lots of hugs. Memories for a lifetime.

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    • Advance Happy Birthday until we can speak it directly. Dawne and I have loved your blog. You for sure have maximized the experience of a lifetime…not your only one. Love, Buppy


  2. I hope very much you get to those beautiful cranes, with their frilly tutus, Julia. A birthday to remember always. Good luck with all the end of semester work. I’m sure you’ve done a fantastic job. Enjoy your travels. I know this is a bittersweet time and hope it’s all you hope for.


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