Goodbye Dzong Cat, Harrison, blue pines, and Chamkhar

This is our last day in Bumthang.

The realizations come in waves – sometimes I already miss Bhutan so much, and other times I’m in denial. I think it hasn’t completely hit yet, that I won’t see these particular mountains, maybe ever again. I was just talking to my friend Alyssa about that feeling, and she said she feels it too, and that’s because this place is home to us.

Sitting here at the dzong is home, dzong cat helping us all pack is home too. So is walking to town down the mountain road, and riding into town at night, when the lights of Chamkhar suddenly seem bright and spread over a vast distance – what is Delhi going to feel like? Mumbai? NEW YORK?

Harrison, the cutest dog, is home, and so are potato momos and naja and frost in the morning on the grass that is now totally yellow and the gigantic pine trees outside my window and the heat in the middle of the day from being at 10,000 feet.

I’ll (almost definitely) post in Thimphu and/or Paro, but for now enjoy a few photos from the last few weeks!








2 thoughts on “Goodbye Dzong Cat, Harrison, blue pines, and Chamkhar

  1. This post made me cry, too. I understand how wrenchingly sad it is to leave a place that’s become your home in the deepest ways, the friends, the people, the places, the animals. An experience that’s changed your life. And those memories will be in your heart forever, dear Julia. You’ve left your own mark there, too.

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