My apologies for the recent lack of posts – hopefully these photos make up for it! I’ve been relaxing, mainly without electronic devices (partly because I don’t have any chargers at the moment).

I am with friends in Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra, which is an old colonial hill station in the Western Ghats, which some of the oldest mountains in the world. It’s much cooler here than in Bombay (thank goodness) and there are gorgeous views if it’s not hazy (it used to be clear all the time, but unfortunately there is now smog over most of India, as there is over most of Asia – except for Bhutan!).

There are several spots in particular where you get good views of the mountains and valleys, including several “points” – Kate’s Point, Mumbai Point, Elephant’s Head Point, Sunrise Point…

I took the following photos yesterday morning at Kate’s Point. Enjoy! And believe it or not, I didn’t use any filters. It really is that beautiful!



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