Homeward Bound

It is safe to say that I have eaten rice every day for the last 120 days, and I am ready to come home.

I miss Bhutan a lot, even though I’m still in South Asia (for the next 14 hours, including sleep time). I don’t know for sure whether that was the beginning and the end of my relationship with this country (although it’s obviously not really the end, as I’ll always have the memories), but I sure hope not. I have plans for the future which I hope to flesh out in the next few years, and I don’t want to give anything away, but there might be more about (and posting from!) Bhutan on this blog at some point. We shall see.

I felt at home in Bhutan, and I now feel at home in India (partly because of my wonderful and hospitable friends), and I hope I’m going to feel at home when I’m home. With four cats to see (including one new rescue kitten!), how can it not feel like home? I can’t tell yet how much culture shock I am going to experience.

I’m going to save the platitudes for another time, or hopefully never. Partly because I’m tired and facing a 20+ hour journey tomorrow, and partly because I hope I can move past cliches and actually find the words to talk about this semester in an honest, reflective way.

Namaste and Tashi Delek, friends.



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