Throwback Friday…

… to when the first advertisement I saw in Asia (Bangkok, Thailand) was an anti-elephant poaching ad by Yao Ming. After four months of research on the intersections of elephant poaching, the illicit ivory trade, and terrorist groups last fall, this was super exciting! And there were more ads like this one, but with more educational information about the origins of ivory, throughout Suvarnabhumi Airport.




Twelve days to go until I leave the U.S., twenty days until I land in Bhutan. As the rush of packing, doctors appointments, and farewells is becoming a reality, I’m going to keep this post very short and light.

I’ve talked a lot about Bhutan on this blog, but in this post I’m going to focus on something completely different (à la Monty Python): Amsterdam’s Kattenkabinet, or Cat Museum! I’ll be in Amsterdam for five days before flying to Bangkok (and then Paro), and I’m really excited about this trip part of my journey. I have been researching things to do in Amsterdam, and I already know that my first stop will be the Kattenkabinet. Not only does the museum house paintings, photographs, drawings, sculptures, and posters of cats, it is home to actual cats that wander the halls of the historic house!

That is all…