Throwback Friday…

… to when the first advertisement I saw in Asia (Bangkok, Thailand) was an anti-elephant poaching ad by Yao Ming. After four months of research on the intersections of elephant poaching, the illicit ivory trade, and terrorist groups last fall, this was super exciting! And there were more ads like this one, but with more educational information about the origins of ivory, throughout Suvarnabhumi Airport.



Thailand for a night!

I made it to Bangkok! It’s 91 degrees here (quite different from Amsterdam)!

The flight, straight from Amsterdam, took 11 hours. It was difficult to find the folks I was supposed to meet, but I finally figured it out!

I have been at the hotel for several hours now, relaxing and getting to know two other people who got here early (the group flight arrives later tonight).

The wifi is pretty poor here, so I will keep this post short. I’ll be taking a 6:50am flight (waking up before 4!) to Paro, Bhutan tomorrow morning. By that time the whole group will be assembled and we’ll make the journey together. I just learned that we’ll be staying in Paro for a night, then driving an hour to Thimphu the following day. We’ll stay there for three days, getting student cards, kiras (traditional dress), and doing orientation. Apparently the roads are particularly bad from the monsoon this year, so our drive out to Bumthang could take three days (it’s usually two).

Who knows what kind of Internet I will have in the next few days – just know that I will be fine, adjusting to culture shock and high altitude, but hopefully loving every moment of this first week. It will, without a doubt, be a whirlwind. I will try to post as soon as I can!